• Hard Cost Savings

    Every hour that Draken operates in place of a military asset delivers a tangible cost savings, representing hundreds of millions of dollars in potential savings.

  • Soft Cost Savings

    Every hour Draken operates an aircraft in place of a military asset is another hour remaining on the life of that aircraft.

  • Enhanced Combat Capability

    Augmenting even a small portion of the sub-optimal Red Air, JTAC training, chase, R&D, and other similar missions, will free up flight hours for military aviators to focus on enhancing their “blue air” combat proficiency.

  • Air-To-Air Services

    The most accurate and advanced adversarial support available in the industry.

  • Air-To-Air Services

    Draken is the ONLY commercial air services company with a NAVAIR IFC flight clearance for “Public Use” operations to include live ordnance delivery

  • Air-To-Air Services
    Fleet Missile Defense

    Draken executes accurate missile profiles to challenge fleet and ground missile defense crews.

  • Air-To-Air Services
    Air-to-Air Refuelling

    Draken can self tank our own A4 assets for unprecedented on station time

Draken Aircraft

Our Fleet