Draken International and Aero Vodochody have teamed together to provide a new fighter aircraft available to be assembled in the USA for sale to North and South America. Newly built L-159 ALCAs will be assembled in the Draken International facility in Lakeland, Florida, to include custom built avionics upgrades for all mission sets, including:

  • EW/EA Pods
  • Radar upgrades
  • Helmet Cueing Systems
  • Targeting Pods
  • DataLink and ISR upgrades

The L-159 ALCAs are the perfect lightweight, advanced, highly-capable and cost-effective fighter.The relationship between Draken and Aero provides customers the confidence in purchasing a fighter that will be supported directly by the factory and the teaming partners in the United States.


Draken International, teamed with its official partner, Aero Vodochody is able to perform advanced maintenance of L-39, L-59 and L-159 aircraft up to a complete overhaul, including servicing at customer´s site. Draken International provides the following services out of its Lakeland, Florida Facility:

  • Overhaul of L-39, L-59 and L-159 aircraft (D level)
  • Repair of aircraft, aggregates, and parts
  • Scheduled maintenance performance
  • Service-life extensions
  • Evaluation of technical condition of the aircraft
  • Upgrade of the aircraft according to customer´s requirements
  • Replacement of non-produced and obsolete elements and components

Draken provides consultant Subject Matter Experts in all Flight Training missions from Initial Flight Training to Advanced Military Flight Training. Subject Matter Experts (SME) are knowledgeable and experienced on all aspects of JTAC Training, Close Air Support, and ISR for L-159, F-16, A-4, F-18, MB-339, F-15C/E, F-5, L-39.

Our consultants are true experts in their field, with the experience and talent to deliver success to our customers.

As the global defense and military climate changes, the need has never been greater for cost-effective and professional contract air support.

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